→ show females
    CLP Reel - updated Feb 2023
    The Other One (Holly Walsh 2021)
    Hollyoaks (Aurora Fearnley 2023)
    Moving On: Time Out (Ian Puleston-Davies 2019)
    The Queen and I (Dan Zeff - Oct 18)
    Click and Collect (Ben Palmer - Nov 18)
    Updated Feb 2023: CLP reel
    Whitstable Pearl: Hidden Treasures (Matt Carter 2022)
    Dodger (Rhys Thomas 2021)
    Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool (Paul McGuigan 2017)
    Trick or Treat (Ed Boase)
    The Queen and I (Dan Zeff 2018)
    Mr Holmes (Bill Condon 2014)
    Psychobitches (Jeremy Dyson 2013)
    CLP reel - Updated: April 2022
    The Rising (Ed Lilly 2021)
    Turn Up Charlie (Tristram Shapeero 2018) Liar (Sam Donovan 2017)
    No Offence (Robert Quinn 2016)
    A Street Cat Named Bob (Roger Spottiswoode 2015)
    Happy Valley (Sally Wainwright
    Neasa Hardiman 2015)
    CLP REEL - Updated Aug 2022
    Sex Education (Ben Taylor & Runyararo Mapfumo 2020)
    Benediction (Terence Davies 2020)
    MAD? (Saskia Rifkin 2018)
    The Wife (Bjorn Runge 2016)
    MAD? (Saskia Rifkin 2018)
    The Looming Tower (John Dahl 2018)
    MAD? (Saskia Rifkin 2018)
    Mercy Street (Roxann Dawson 2015)
    Mercy Street S2 (Alex Zakrzewski 2016)
    MAD? (Saskia Rifkin 2018)
    CLP reel - updated - March 2022
    Showtrial (Zara Hayes 2021)
    Our House (Sheree Folkson 2021)
    Sex Education (Ben Taylor 2018)
    Last Tango in Halifax (Gareth Bryn)
    In My Skin (Lucy Forbes 2019)
    The Cure (Bruce Goodison)
    CLP Reel - Updated May 2022
    Hullraisers: Mucky (Ian Fitzgibbon 2021)
    The A Word (Sasha Ransome 2020)
    Coronation Street (Tim Royle)
    The Honourable Rebel (Mike Fraser)
    Girlfriends (Kay Mellor)
    Casualty (Richard Platt)
    In the Club (Neasa Hardiman
    Sarah O'Gorman)
    CLP Reel- Updated August 2018
    River City (David Hayman Jr.)
    Julius Caesar (Phyllida Lloyd)
    Commonwealth Games
    MI High (Richard Senior)
    Happy Hollidays (Douglas MacKinnon)
    Robert Burns World Tour of Scotland (John Smith)
    An Audience with Burns
    Men Should Weep (Josie Rourke)
    Chewin' the Fat (Colin Gilbert)
    Updated: March 2020 - CLP reel
    Doctors (John Maidens 2020)
    Hollyoaks (Sean Glynn 2018)
    Ackley Bridge (Robert Quinn 2018)
    Doctors (David Lewis Richardson 2016)
    Call The Midwife (Sheree Folkson 2016)
    Millie Inbetween: Meatballs (Diarmuid Goggins 2015)
    CLP reel - Updated: March 2023
    Endeavour: Prelude ( Shaun Evans 2022)
    The Split (Dee Koppang O'Leary 2021)
    Good Omens (Douglas Mackinnon 2018) Crooked House (Gilles Paquet-Brenner 2017)
    Fleabag (Harry Bradbeer)
    London Road (Rufus Norris)
    Our Men
    Les Miserables (Unknown)
    CLP Reel - Belgravia (John Alexander)
    The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (John Madden)
    Shakespeare & Hathaway (Jennie Paddon)
    Jenny's Wedding (Agnes Donoghue)
    The Boy (William Brent Bell)
    The Kennedys (Jon Cassar)
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (John Madden)
    CPL reel - updated: January 2016
    EastEnders (David Moor 2015)
    WPC 56 (Niall Fraser 2013)
    New Tricks: Meat Is Murder (Martyn Friend 2009)
    Back to EastEnders clip
    CLP REEL - Updated May 2022
    Doctors (Enda Hughes 2022)
    Mountview clip
    Carte D'or clip
    CLP Reel - Updated March 2019
    Outlander (John Dahl 2013)
    River City (Dir.Various 2018)
    Pumped (Adam Miller 2016)
    Mountain Goats (Dewi Humphries 2015)
    Rubenesque (Annie Griffin 2013)
    Silent Witness (Craig Viveiros 2013)
    Pram Face (Dan Zeff 2010)
    Case Histories: When Will There Be Good News (Dan Zeff 2010)
    Updated May 2021 - CLP Reel
    Flesh and Blood (Louise Hooper 2019)
    Casualty (Paul Riordan 2021)
    VERA: The Blanket Mire (John Hayes)
    The Rebel (Vadim Jean)
    The Borgias (John Maybury)
    Midsomer Murders (Sarah Hellings)
    The Edge of Love (John Maybury)
    Rome (John Maybury)
    Mrs Henderson Presents (Stephen Frears)
    Sid and Nancy (Alex Cox)
    Love is the Devil (John Maybury)
    Brothers of the Head (Keith Fulton/Louis Pepe)
    Unconditional Love (PJ Hogan)
    CLP REEL - updated May 2022
    Doctors (Steve M. Kelly 2022)
    Endeavour (Lawrence Gough)
    Cry Baby (Juliette Cameron)
    Juniper Diaries (Tom Scott Francis)
    Catch (Jake Morisson)
    Holby City (Bob Thompson & Dermot Boyd)
    Updated Oct 2021 - Charlie Lort-Phillips reel
    The Larkins (Andy De Emmony 2021)
    Holby City (Dean Byfield 2020)
    Summer of Rockets (Stephen Poliakoff 2018)
    River (Richard Laxton 2015)
    CLP reel - updated March 2023
    Endeavour: Exeunt (Kate Saxon 2022)
    The A Word (Fergus O Brien 2019)
    Shakespeare & Hathaway (Ian Barber 2021)
    Endeavour: Terminus (Kate Saxon 2021)
    Vera: The Escape Turn (Carolina Giammetta 2019)
    Doc Martin (Nigel Cole 2015)
    Cuffs (Anthony Philipson 2015)
    Happy Valley (Sally Wainwright 2014)
    CLP REEL - October 2022
    Professor T (BETA)
    The Keeping Room (Lionsgate/ Drafthouse Films)
    Broken (BBC)
    Damilola: Our Loved Boy (BBC)
    The Keeping Room (Lionsgate/ Drafthouse Films)
    Broken (BBC)
    Updated: March 2022 - CLP
    The Good Karma Hospital (Jon Wright & Nimer Rashed)
    Tommy Cooper (Benjamin Caron)
    Bumps (Sandy Johnson)
    New Tricks: Big Topped (Minkie Spiro)
    Little Dorrit (Dearbhla Walsh/ Adam Smith/ Diarmuid Lawrence)
    CLP REEL - Updated Oct 2022
    Ridley: Swanson (Paul Gay 2022)
    Cold Feet (John Hardwick)
    Holby City (Emma Sullivan 2013)
    Letters from Baghdad (Sabine Krayenbuhl/ Zeva Oelbaum 2015)
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (John Madden 2011)
     no reel
    CLP REEL - Updated September 2016
    EastEnders (Rebecca Gatward)
    The Great Train Robbery (James Strong)
    New Tricks (Syd Macartney)
    Only Fools and Horses (Tony Dow)
    Real Women (Phil Davies)
    Only Fools and Horses (Tony Dow)
    Updated: Aug 2014
    In The Club (Kay Mellor)
    George Gently (Ciaran Donnelly)
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (John Madden)
    Creation (Jon Amiel)
    Sunshine (Craig Cash)
    William and Mary (Various)
    Wire in the Blood (Nick Laughland)
    Updated March 2020 - CLP reel
    Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (Mandie Fletcher)
    Penance (Maurice Sweeney)
    Father Brown (Niall Fraser)
    Holby City (Dermot Boyd)
    Sherlock: The Final Problem (Benjamin Caron)
    Updated: Jan 2022 - CLP
    Your Christmas of Mine (Jim O'Hanlon 2022)
    (Whitstable Pearl S2 Jon Jones 2022)
    Chernobyl (Johan Renck 2018)
    All Creatures Great and Small (Brian Percival 2021)
    Call the Midwife (Emma Sullivan 2017)
    The Midnight Gang (Elliot Hegarty 2018)
    To Walk Invisible (Sally Wainwright 2016)
    Wedding Belles (Philip John)
→ show males
    CLP REEL - UPDATED April 2022
    Murder in Provence (Chloe Thomas 2021)
    Butterfly Affect (Edem Wornoo 2021)
    Endeavour: Scherzo (Ian Aryeh 2021)
    Mountview Clip
    CPL reel - Updated: March 2022
    Bohemian Rhapsody (Bryan Singer 2017)
    The Good Karma Hospital (Philip John 2021)
    Line of Duty (John Strickland
    Sue Tully 2018 & Jennie Darnell 2021)
    The Stranger (Daniel O'Hara 2019)
    Alex Rider (Christopher Smith 2019/20)
    Three Girls (Philippa Lowthorpe 2016)
    Versailles (Mike Barker 2016)
    Shetland (Jan Matthys 2015)
    Adha Cup (Sarmad Masud - 2008)
    CLP reel: Updated March 2022 - EastEnders (Cóilín Ó Scolaí & David Moor)
    Grantchester (Jermain Julien 2021)
    Defending the Guilty (Jim Field Smith 2018)
    VERA: Blood and Bone (Paul Gay 2017)
    The Selfish Giant (Clio Barnard 2013)
    Updated Sept 2022: CLP reel
    Casualty (George Siougas 2022)
    Pick Your Own (Matt Peover)
    The Great War: The People's Story (Paul Copeland - Aug 14)
    The Love Punch (Joel Hopkins - 2013)
    Peep Show (Becky Martin - Dec 2012)
    Updated: Oct 2021 - CLP REEL
    Call The Midwife (Simon Hynd)
    The Trick (Pip Broughton)
    Call the Midwife (Syd Macartney)
    The Moonstone (Lisa Mulcahy)
    Inside No.9 (Jim O'Hanlon)
    The Wrong Mans (Jim Field Smith)
    Motherland (Juliet May)
    The Lady in the Van (Nicholas Hytner)
    Exposed: The Church's Darkest Secret (Ben Steele)
    CLP Reel - Updated March 2020:
    Downton Abbey (Michael Engler)
    The Good Liar (Bill Condon)
    King Lear (Richard Eyre)
    Knightfall (Douglas Mackinnon)
    Red Riding 1980 (James Marsh)
    Updated: Oct 2017 - CLP Reel
    Letters from Baghdad (Sabine Krayenbuhl/ Zeva Oelbaum)
    Agatha Raisin: The Wellspring of Death (Paul Harrison)
    Father Brown: The Last Man (John Greening)
    Poirot: The Labours of Hercules (Andy Wilson)
    The Titanic Inquiry (Michael McDowell)
    Casualty (Various)
    Peep Show (Becky Martin)
    Casualty (Various)
    CLP - Updated August 2021
    Holby City (David Innes Edwards 2021)
    Doctors (Dominic Keavey)
    Casualty (Richard Platt)
    The Empress's New Clothes (Paul Whittington)
    Run Fat Boy Run (David Schwimmer)
    Unknown Clips
     no reel
    Phone-o-phobia (Naomi-Vera Sanso)
    Emmerdale (Various)
    Updated: March 2023 - CLP reel
    Living (Oliver Hermanus 2022)
    Call The Wife (James Larkin 2022)
    I Hate You (Damon Beesley 2022)
    The Outlaws ( John Butler 2021)
    The Crown (Benjamin Caron 2016))
    Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage (Geoffrey Sax 2015)
    Coalition (Alex Holmes 2015)
    Panto! (Christine Gernon 2012)
    CLP REEL - Updated Feb 2017
    National Treasure (Marc Munden)
    Great Expectations (Mike Newell)
    Harry Potter 6 (David Yates)
    Harry Potter 8 (David Yates)
    Murderland (Catherine Morshead)
    The Hunt for Tony Blair (Peter Richardson)
    Ocean's Twelve (Steven Soderbergh)
    Lead Balloon (Alex Hardcastle)
    Cracker (Antonia Bird)
    Updated: Sept 22 - CLP reel
    The Capture (Ben Chanan & James Kent 2022)
    Das Boot (Hans Steinbichler 2021)
    Nowhere Special (Uberto Pasolini)
    Cyprus Avenue (Vicky Featherstone)
    The Terror (Tim Mielants
    Sergio Mimica-Gezzan)
    The Fall Series 2 (Allan Cubitt 2014)
    The Musketeers (Andy Hay 2016)
    Updated - Feb 2023: CLP reel
    Happy Valley (Patrick Harkins & Sally Wainwright 2022)
    Ridley: Swansong (Paul Gay 2022)
    Gentleman Jack (Edward Hall)
    Line of Duty (Jennie Darnell 2021)
    The Secret Agent (Charles McDougall - 2015)
    Updated: Feb 2019 - CPL reel
    Catastrophe (Ben Taylor - Nov 2016)
    Game of Thrones (Alan Taylor - 2011)
    You Me and the Apocalypse (Tim Kirkby - 2015)
    The Deep Blue Sea (Terence Davies - 2011)
    37 Days (Justin Hardy - 2014)
    Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery (Charles Palmer - 2013)
    Hamlet (Gregory Doran - 2009)
    Updated: Feb 2022 - CLP reel
    Screw (Tom Vaughan/Jordan Hogg 2021)
    Game of Thrones (Tim van Patten)
    Vera: Blood and Bone (Paul Gay)
    The Loch (Brian Kelly
    Cilla Ware)
    Sunset Song (Terence Davies)
    Downton Abbey - Christmas Special (Andy Goddard)
    CLP Reel - Feb 2022 - The Cockfields (Simon Hynd 2021)
    There She Goes (Simon Hynd 2020)
    The ABC Murders (Alex Gabassi)
    Whisky Galore! (Gillies MacKinnon)
    Tommy Cooper (Benjamin Caron)
    Rab C Nesbitt (Colin Gilbert)
    Collision (Marc Evans)
    Touch of Frost (Paul Harrison)
     no reel
    No Reel
    CLP Reel - Updated May 2022
    Crime (David Blair)
    Peterloo (Mike Leigh 2018)
    Elizabeth is Missing (Aisling Walsh 2019)
    Silent Witness (Thaddeaus O'Sullivan 2015)
    Shetland (Thaddeaus O'Sullivan 2015)
    The Syndicate (Syd Macartney/Kay Mellor 2011)
    Accused (David Blair 2010)
    Wallander (Aisling Walsh 2009)
    The Royal (Dominic Keavey)
    Nicholas Nickleby (Stephen Whittaker)
    Parents of the Band (Dominic Brigstocke)
    Heartbeat (Roger Bamford)
    Distant Shores (Various)
    Breeze Block (John Stroud)
    Updated: Feb 2020 - CPL Reel
    King Gary (James De Frond 2019)
    Doctors: The Upper Hand (Gary Williams 2018)
    Le Bureau des Legendes (Eric Rochant)
    The Royals (Tara Weyr/ Les Butler 2015)
    Foyles War: High Castle (Stuart Orme 2015)
    Updated: July 2021 - CLP reel
    Pennyworth - The Hunted Fox (Rob Bailey 20200)
    American Assassin (Michael Cuesta)
    Peaky Blinders (David Caffrey)
    Doctor Who: Extremis (Daniel Nettheim)
    Dracula Untold (Gary Shore)
    Killing Jesus (Christopher Menaul)
    Agatha Raisin (Geoffrey Sax)
    Strike Back (Julian Holmes)
    Updated January 2023 CLP reel
    VERA (Rob Evans 2022)
    Paddington 2 (Paul King)
    Holby City (Dermot Boyd)
    24: Live Another Day (Milan Cheylov 2014)
    CLP reel - Updated: January 2023
    Call The Midwife (Syd Macartney 2022)
    Lovely Little Farm (Matt Rene 2021)
    Doctors (Ita Fitzpatrick 2022)
    London Road (Rufus Norris 2014)
    Fund This! (Oliver Houston 2009)
    Love at First Sight (Michael Davies 2010)
    CLP reel: Updated Jan 2022
    Vera Tyger Tyger (Paul Gay 2021)
    The Card Room Chronicles: Car Pool Poker (Denis Crampton - 2018)
    Harley and the Davidsons (Ciaran Donnelly - 2016)
    Moving On: Passengers (Paul McGann 2015)
    Midsomer Murders: Breaking The Chain (Rob Evans 2015)
    Banana Skins (Matt McCooey 2014)
    Updated: September 2019 - CLP reel
    Doctors (John Maidens)
    Maigret: Night at The Crossroads (Sarah Harding)
    CPL reel - updated July 2022
    The Lost Pirate Kingdom (Stan Griffin
    Justin Rickett & Patrick Dickinson)
    Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins (Nick Nevern)
    I'm Dead (Dan Sully)
    Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the Fourth Reich (Claudio Fah)
    Still Open All Hours (Dewi Humphries)
    Compare the Market - Kingsman (David Scanlon)
    Updated: March 2023 - CLP
    Endeavour: Exeunt (Kate Saxon 2022)
    Grace: Dead Man's Footsteps (Brian Kelly 2021)
    Outlander (Kate Cheeseman 2021)
    Black Mirror - Crocodile (John Hillcoat 2017)
    Whisky Galore! (Gillies MacKinnon 2015)
    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Toby Haynes - 2015)
    The Musketeers (John Strickland - 2015)
    Updated: January 2019 - CLP Reel
    River City (Vicky Thomas 2018)
    Whisky Galore! (Gillies McKinnon 2015)
    Collider (Nuno Bernardo 2013)
    Shetland (David Moore 2014)
    Rubenesque (Annie Griffin 2013)
    Acts of Godfrey (Johnny Daukes 2012)
    The Titanic Inquiry (Michael McDowell 2012)
    CLP Reel - Updated Jan 2021
    The Crown: Margaretology (Benjamin Caron)
    Finding Alice (Roger Goldby)
    1944: Should We Bomb Auschwitz? (Tim Dunn)
    Endeavour: Icarus (Gordon Anderson)
    Harlots (Jill Robertson)
    Grantchester (Jill Robertson)
    Lead Balloon (Alex Harcastle)
    Lewis: The Point of Vanishing (Maurice Philips)
    A Touch of Cloth (Jim OHanlon)
    New Tricks (Dermot Boyd)
    V for Vendetta (James McTeigue)
    Updated: Feb 2022 - CPL reel
    The Crown (Philip Martin & Benjamin Caron)
    Call The Midwife (James Larkin 2021)
    The Singapore Grip (Tom Vaughn)
    Surviving Christmas with the Relatives (James Dearden)
    The Last Post (Miranda Bowen)
    Dad's Army (Oliver Parker)
    Own reel - updated April 2021: Coronations Street (Gary Williams & Gill Wilkinson 2021)
    The Terror (Sergio Mimica-Gezzan)
    Jericho (Paul Whittington 2015)
    Stan Lee's Lucky Man (Andy De Emmony 2015)
    In the Flesh (Alice Troughton)
    Own Reel - updated Feb 2023
    Happy Valley (Fergus O'Brien)
    Innocent S2 (Tracey Larcombe)
    2003 (Harris Dickinson)
    Safe House 2 (Marc Evans 2017)
    Silent Witness - Falling Angels (Craig Viveiros 2014)
    Ripper Street (Kieron Hawkes Nov 2013)
    Common (David Blair July 2014)
    The Great Fire (Jon Jones)
    300: Rise of an Empire (Noam Murro 2014)
    Updated: Oct 2022 - CLP Reel
    House of the Dragon (Greg Yaitanes 2021)
    Small Axe - Red White and Blue (Steve McQueen 2020)
    Doctor Who (Jamie Magnus Stone 2019)
    Upstart Crow (Richard Boden 2017)
    Scott and Bailey (Noreen Kershaw / Neasa Hardiman 2014)
    Line of Duty (Douglas Mackinnon 2014)
    CSI: Miami (Gina Lamar/Scot Lautanen 2008)
    CLP Reel - April 2022
    Birdsong -online (Alastair Whatley 2020)
    Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (Hugh Laurie 2021)
    Dark Heart (Colin Teague - 2016)
    The Tuckers (Ian FitzGibbon - 2018)
    Call The Midwife (Christiana Ebohon-Green - 2018)
    CLP reel - Updated: March 2017
    Lewis: What Lies Tangled (David Drury)
    Still Game 'Job' (Michael Hines)
    Inspector George Gently (Nicholas Renton)
    Joe Maddison's War (Patrick Collerton)
    The Children (David Evans)
    CLP - June 2022
    Doctors (James Larkin 2022)
    Casualty (Matthew Evans) & Call The Midwife scenes
    CLP Reel - updated June 20222
    My Son (Christian Canon 2021)
    Shetland (Gordon Anderson 2018)
    Unexpected Item (Iain McCall)
    Casualty (Alex Jacob 2020)
    One of Us (William McGregor 2015)
    Updated: May 2022 - CLP reel
    Father Brown (James Larkin) BBC
    Here We Go (Will Sinclair) BBC Studios
    Midsomer Murders (Matt Carter)
    Bently/ ITV
    Redtop (Peter Richardson) Comic Strip/UKTV
    Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (Saul Metzstein)
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 (David Yates)
    Updated: June 2022 - CLP Reel
    Sherwood (Lewis Arnold 2021)
    Test Case (RVBBERDUCK - 2019)
    Emmerdale (Jeff Naylor - 2019)
    Britannia (Susan Tully - 2016)
    Holby City (Jamie Annett - 2016)
    Doctors (Sasha Ransome - 2014)
    Cardinal Burns (Ben Taylor - 2013)
    Hard Boiled Sweets (David LG Hughes - 2010)
    God on Trial (Andy de Emmony - 2008)

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